MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the following meeting dates. Please be advised that our meetings are subject to change for a variety of reasons so check this website frequently or contact our President for more information.

Upcoming Meetings
Date:  Saturday, October 14th
Location:  Heritage Quest Research Library – 1007 Main St. in Sumner, Washington.
Business Meeting:  We will be voting on the proposed changes to the by-laws. Please review changes here.
Program:  Jill Morelli and Claudia Breland will present their experiences writing for the National Genealogy Society Quarterly.

Date:  December TBD

Past Meetings

February: The February PS-APG meeting was held Saturday, February 4 at the Seattle Genealogical Society, 6200 Sand Point Way NE,Seattle. Following the chapter business meeting, attendees watched Tom Jones’s opening session from the
2016 Professional Management Conference.

April: The April PS-APG meeting was held Saturday, April 1 at the Tacoma Public Library – Northwest Room.  Following the chapter business meeting Claudia Breland will be presenting, “Case Studies in DNA”.

June: The June PS-APG meeting was held Saturday, June 10 at the Fiske Genealogical Library in Seattle, WA.

August:  The August PS-APG meeting was a picnic at Steven & Gloria Morrison’s home.